The problem

CHF 100 Billion of fresh fruits, berries & vegetables sold in supermarkets get wasted every year due to molds. This problem does not only have negative economic impact, but in addition causes increases of carbon foot print in the environment leading to global warming. Some of the broadly spread molds can have negative impact on human health by synthetizing cancerogenic products e.g. aflatoxin.
To this day, NO EFFICIENT, COST-EFFECTIVE, ORGANIC TREATMENTS against MOLDS are available on the market.

Discover AgroSustain’s vision

Efficient organic treatments against broad range of fungal pathogens.

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Co-Founder & COO

MSc EPFL. Jean-Pascal Aribot

Founder & CEO

Dr. Olga Dubey

Co-Founder & CTO

PD.Dr. Sylvain Dubey

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