Our Team

Dr. Olga Dubey

Founder & CEO

5+ years of experience in the field of plant pathology and biochemistry from the University of Lausanne and Agroscope

Jean-Pascal Aribot, M.Sc.

Co-Founder & CCO

10+ years of experience in sales & business development at Nestlé. Holds M.Sc. from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

PD.Dr. Sylvain Dubey

Co-Founder & CTO

10+ years of experience in the field of biodiversity protection and molecular biology from the University of Lausanne and Hintermann & Weber SA

Florian Guignard, Dr.

R&D Associate Scientist

5+ years of experience in the field of chemistry and bioengineering. Holds his PhD from the University of Fribourg

Julie Laurent

Laboratory Manager

5+ years of working experience in the field of plant pathology, biochemistry, microscopy and molecular biology

Vinciane Monod, M.Sc.

R&D Intern

Holds her Master from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Passionate about agronomy and plant pathology


Dr. Katia Gindro

Head of Mycology and Biotechnology Group at Agroscope. Dr. Gindro has a great passion for developing alternative treatments against plant fungal pathogens and holds a broad range of expertise in biochemistry, plant and fungal biology

Dr. Sylvain Schnee

10+ years of experience in the agronomy with focus on phytochemistry and development of alternative treatments against fungal pathogens, Agroscope

Dr. Thomas Fessard

CEO of Spirochem. Experienced entrepreneur and passionate chemist with broad expertise starting from synthesis of tailor made molecules to optimized mass production

Paola Ghillani

Founder & CEO at Paola Ghillani & Friends Ltd. Expert in food retailing and sustainability, board member in several corporations

Sounding Board

Ernesto Fraire

Former Global CFO at Chiquita bananas, providing financial management, commercial support and accounting expertise to fine-tune business plan financials with focus on optimized margins for long-term company development

Ethan Sinick

Retail and Consumer Goods Industry Consultant with Shirland Ventures, former Managing Director Kantar Retail EMEA, former research director for the Coca Cola Retailing Research Councils EMEA

Dr. Alain Gaume

Head of Plant Protection Strategic Research Division, Agroscope, Changins, Nyon, and ex-Head of Seed Care at Syngenta, Dr. Gaume combines unique set of experience from product development to go to market approaches. His main role is to help AgroSustain develop its strategic short and long-term vision

Dr. Bettina Ernst

Entrepreneur with strong background in Life Sciences. Dr. Ernst is a founder and CEO of PRECLYN Biosystem AG. She has an unique set of expertise from Business development to leadership